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Our mini film series showcases the passion for product quality in Shiseido’s factories

In Japanese, the word otaku means an expert who is so deeply interested in what they do, they’re driven to achieve greatness. Recently, our team of video otaku documented this dedication among Shiseido’s Osaka factory employees, in a beautiful series of social media films.

Have you ever met someone who is so excited about what they do that they pursue it with almost obsessive dedication, and become a highly accomplished expert? In Japanese, there’s a word for this kind of person: otaku.

Doing what they love brings an otaku pure joy, and that feeling is reflected in the exceptional quality of their work. Japan’s current government-sponsored Cool Japan initative showcases otaku in the country’s creative fields, such as anime, manga, and gaming. But you can find otaku in the beauty industry, too. Our seven new social media films take you into Shiseido’s factories, where you can see the otaku in action.


    Watch this film for a quick, colorful introduction to all six of the Beauty Otaku stories in the series, and a sense of what it really means to be an otaku.


    Meet Shiseido’s Color Otaku, the pickiest of visual inspectors. With an acutely refined sense of sight, they recognize the subtlest differences between tones, so they can replicate foundation shades to match skin exactly, for consumers all over the world.


    The quality of paper, its rigidity or flexibility, and even the humidity in the factory can pose challenges when it comes to bringing a package designer’s vision to life. In this film, Folding Otaku show their passion for packaging materials and processes, and their mastery of the precision techniques needed make each package a beauty product in and of itself.


    Believing that a prestige beauty product should be nothing short of perfection, Inspection Otaku maintain almost ridiculously stringent standards. Not a single tiny mar escapes their notice. This film shows how this affects Shiseido’s inspection process, and how the result is absolutely worth the effort.


    Whether it’s thick and creamy, light and airy or anything in between, Blending Otaku are obsessed with creating just the right ingredient mix. Consumed by thoughts of how different elements can be combined, their mission is to bring them to the skin in a way that surpasses the highest prestige standards, and delivers ingredients in stable, quality form.


    See the ultimate clean freaks at work. Cleansing Otaku are so committed to the absolute purity and safety of each product, they clean constantly and carefully. You can see their dedication in the impeccable state of their own tools, as well as every part of every piece of machinery in their factory.


    Have you ever wondered why some products feel so much better than others on your skin? It’s the work of Texture Otaku. These specialists are gifted with a heightened sense of touch, and a rare talent for creating incredible sensations on the skin. They don’t stop until they get it just right, as you’ll see in this film.

  • Once you’ve seen these films, you’ll have a deep understanding of the otaku, in Japanese culture, and within Shiseido. You’ll also understand the precision quality and care they infuse into each individual Shiseido product — to bring out the individual beauty in more customers every day.