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How Legendary
Actress Bibari
Transcends the
Boundaries of Age

The face of SHISEIDO 54 years ago is back in the spotlight again

Story by Malena Harbers

If anyone can challenge society’s stale views about women of a certain age, it's acclaimed Japanese actress Bibari Maeda. At 71, she’s still commanding roles on the silver screen in her native Japan and shining with a confidence that radiates a youthful, yet elegant energy, proving beauty evolves without an expiration date.

  • The Face of SHISEIDO
  • The Face of SHISEIDO

    Born to an American father and Japanese mother, Bibari’s unique beauty propelled her to stardom at 18, when she became the face of SHISEIDO cosmetics. An advertising poster for the iconic Beauty Cake Foundation compact from 1966 featured a confident young Bibari, clad in a white bathing suit and cap. Seen around the country, it became a turning point for her career— and as a bold statement for SHISEIDO, as it challenged the modelling world’s narrow definition of beauty.

  • On the Silver Screen
  • On the Silver Screen

    Bibari went on to land roles in various Japanese films and is perhaps still best known for her portrayal of the orphaned island girl Saeko in the sci-fi flick Son of Godzilla (1967). She was also a keen singer and dancer, and performed onstage in musicals such as the Japanese production of A Chorus Line in 1979, and the Japanese versions of Gone with the Wind, West Side Story, Cabaret, Les Misérables and Mamma Mia!. Bibari also has had a long television movie career and is still acting today.

  • Breaking Beauty Boundaries
  • Breaking Beauty Boundaries

    Despite her start in modelling—and the pressures to stay young and fresh that often come with the industry—Bibari has always approached getting older with a different perspective. She’s adamant that true beauty isn’t about striving for eternal youth; for her, growing older is about embracing the age that you are and enjoying the most free, creative and rewarding time of life.

    Here she shares her honest and empowering view of how to embrace the passing years with true beauty and grace...

Stay young at
heart and
true beauty will

Behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes of Bibari Maeda’s shoot with SHISEIDO

On Finding Stardom...
“In 1966, this poster was put up across the country and could be seen all over Japan. I was 18 years old and it completely changed my life.”
On Her Number One Beauty Secret...
“As Japanese women grow older, they restrict themselves. But I don’t think that way. Stay young at heart and your true beauty will emerge.”
On Aging...
“I enjoy growing older. I can reflect on myself with a wiser perspective, and discover shortcomings and strengths. And I look forward to more, so my increasing age is actually a joy for me.”
On the Brand that Changed Her Life...
“SHISEIDO symbolizes the appeal of Japan. And now, with the Tokyo World Games this summer, it is the world’s SHISEIDO.”