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How Age-Related Changes In The Lower Face May Affect Appearance

How Age-Related Changes In The Lower Face May Affect Appearance
  • There’s something scary under that mask.

    For the old, for the young, any time and every place, wearing a mask has been the norm for a while now. And it seems like it will be that way indefinitely. However, this suddenly- essential item is also both a danger and a cover-up. Day by day, the youthful qualities of our skin are being quietly usurped by the mask. When the time finally comes to remove it, deep wrinkles, sagging, and laugh lines (nasolabial folds) will probably have formed before their time. Doesn’t the mere thought of it give you the shivers?

    Compare the two illustrations below. You can see that the wrinkles on the bottom half of the face stand out more than wrinkles on the top half, and more readily give the impression of aging. It’s easy not to pay as much attention to skin around the mouth when it’s hidden by a mask. The facial muscles tend to become tight and stiff, and this decreases blood flow, which can trigger issues such as skin dullness, swelling, and sagging. And the appearance of laugh lines or marionette lines (mandibular folds), which are universally associated with “looking old,” is a known cause of weakening in facial muscles and the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) that connects the muscles to the skin.

    Before things get out of hand, it makes sense to target these potential issues on the bottom half of your face, to prevent or minimize them.

  • The intensive power of pure retinol combats the look of age

    For this, SHISEIDO introduces a product developed specifically to keep the lower half of the face from looking old. With the powerful effective ingredient pure retinol to reduce wrinkles, and the brightening agent 4MSK to addresses dark spots, this highly-functional, targeted treatment cream supports skin in staying lifted, firm, and bright under that mask.

    A simple one-minute facial muscle exercise boosts the benefits of this product. With this multi-angle approach, you can maintain the youthful looking skin you want to see again when your mask-wearing days are over.

  • Vital Perfection_01
    • Vital Perfection_02
    • Vital Perfection

      Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment

  • Laugh Line exercise- Laugh Line Lift <Version 1>

    1. Apply Vital Perfection Intensive Wrinkle Spot Treatment where you notice wrinkles. Apply pressure from the sides of the nostrils (where pores tend to stand out), up to the inner corners of the eyes.

    2. While continuing to press, slowly stretch and lift the laugh lines and subcutaneous fat from the corners of the mouth toward the temples and hold for three seconds.

  • Laugh Line exercise- Laugh Line Lift <Version 2>

    1. Apply one more pump of Vital Perfection Intensive Wrinkle Spot Treatment. Next, press the outer corner of the eye and above the cheekbone. With the other hand, trace the laugh line by the corner of the mouth, pass by the side of the nostril to lift up at the inner corner of the eye, and hold for three seconds.

    2. Use both hands to press and lift the area of the cheeks that tends to sag,and hold for three seconds.

  • Firmer face and neck, plus brighter skin.

    With the introduction of Vital Perfection Lift Define Radiance Serum, SHISEIDO focuses on blood flow—the foundation of beauty. This fresh, robust beauty essence supports smooth, firm skin, while brightening agent 4MSK improves dark spots and uneven tone. Because the muscles of the face and neck are connected, this face-neck serum is formulated for both areas. For even greater benefits, you can combine your nighttime skincare regimen with a one-minute facial muscle exercise.

    Start a 10 PM exercise a habit to lift your skin temperature and blood circulation, so you won’t have scary stories to tell about your skin. And wake up in the morning with a fresh, firm, beautifully smooth face.

  • Vital Perfection_01
  • 10 PM: the low point of the day for blood circulation

    Over the course of a day, blood circulation stagnates the most at 10 PM. Stay- at-home recommendations are limiting our exercise routines. The approaching seasonal temperature drops are another factor that lowers the skin’s activity level. As a result of it all, skin issues such as dullness, dryness and swelling are just waiting to pounce. Long autumn evenings are supposed to be delightful, but for your face, the end of the day can be scarier than a Japanese summer ghost story.

    The bottom half of the face is especially problematic. As you can see from these two illustrations, wrinkles and sagging on the bottom half of the face tend to make a person look more aged than the effects on the top half of the face. Laugh lines (nasolabial folds), sagging around the jaw that creates the look of a double-chin, and loose skin on the neck are all causes for concern. Waste matter that is supposed to be collected by the lymphatic system is known to contribute to these age-inducing effects. This tells us that smooth blood flow is vitally important to retaining a youthful look.

  • Bottom Half Face Lift exercise

    1. Apply Vital Perfection Lift Define Radiance Serum to your skin. Press the depression in the middle of your chin with your thumb while holding the lower jaw line with the length of your index finger.

    2. Using that side of your index finger, slowly zigzag up and down to lift the lower jaw toward the lower lip, then lift the lower jaw toward the corner of the mouth, and then lift the lower jaw toward the cheekbone.

  • 3. Form an L-shape with the thumb and index finger and press against the lower jaw, laugh line, and inner corner of the eye.

    4. As you press, lightly lift skin upward and hold for three seconds. Repeat three times.

  • Beauty Muscle Method ® Supervisor:
    Hisako Takami

    Beauty Muscle Researcher®, representative of “Iyashi Kuukan Fuu” (soothing salon) and chairperson of Beauty Muscle Laboratory, Hisako Takami understands the relationship between the bones, muscles, veins and nerves, and the condition of the skin. She conducts research in collaboration with experts in various areas, including academia. She is currently enrolled in the Doctoral Program at Niigata University Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences in the field of macroscopic anatomy. Through deep study and dissection of facial muscles, her program complements her work as an esthetician to give her unique insight into facial anatomy.