120m/s* to
Your Skin

The skin you want, fast.

Feel the difference instantly with skincare at the speed
of sensory signals. Cutting-edge ReNeura Technology™,
to touch the skin you desire in just one week**.

* The maximum speed at which skin processes the sense of touch.
** Consumer tested around 110 women.

Boost skincare
performance from within.

Tap into your skin’s inner potential—SHISEIDO’s ReNeura
Technology™ turns on the sense of touch to awaken
unresponsive skin, improving its ability and speed to
harness the power of skincare.

Select from 4 Skincare Approaches


    Essential Energy

    Fully hydrate the skin by improving moisture retention with
    this silky soft cream, rebooting your skin’s hydration.

    Efficacy Results


    felt improved
    moisture retention
    after 1 week of use*


    saw softer and
    supple skin

    after 1 week of use*

    In Just 1 Week
    skin feels fully hydrated*

    * Consumer tested on 100 women using Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream.


    Moisturizing Set

    Further enhance the
    Moisturizing experience.

    Paired with Ultimune, Essential Energy performs
    3 times longer lasting hydration*.

    * Clinically tested on 22 women, compared with Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream single use tested on 10 women.

  • brightening

    White Lucent

    Brighten up the skin by preventing the look of dark spots or dullness
    with this smooth gel cream, maximizing your skin’s luminosity.

    Efficacy Results


    felt brighter skin
    after 1 week of use*


    saw improved
    dark spots

    after 1 week of use*

    In Just 1 Week
    skin looks luminous*

    * Consumer tested on 116 women using White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream.


    Brightening Set

    Further enhance the
    Brightening experience.

    Paired with Ultimune, White Lucent can achieve
    3 times faster in evening out the skin tone.*

    * Consumer tested with 80 to 105 women, aged 30 to 70, compared with White Lucent Brightening Gel Cream single use.

  • wrinkle smoothing


    Visibly reduce wrinkles and plump up lines with this rich cream, maximizing your skin’s resilience.

    Efficacy Results


    felt skin smoothing out
    after 1 week of use*


    felt skin more resilient
    after 1 weeks of use*

    In Just 1 Week
    skin feels smoother*

    * Consumer tested on 111 to 122 women using Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream.


    Power Wrinkle
    Smoothing Set

    Further enhance the
    Wrinkle-Smoothing experience.

    Paired with Ultimune, Benefiance performs
    2 times faster in improving the wrinkles*.

    * Clinically tested with 33 women, aged 35 to 49, compared with Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Cream single use.

  • Lifting & Firming

    Vital Perfection

    Tackle signs of aging by uplifting and firming the skin with
    this luxurious cream, maximizing your skin’s vitality.

    Efficacy Results


    felt skin is visibly lifted
    after 1 week of use*


    felt skin firming
    after 4 weeks of use*

    In Just 1 Week
    skin feels visibly lifted*

    * Consumer tested on 123 to 129 women using Vital Perfection Uplifting and Firming Cream Enriched.


    Power Uplifting
    and Firming Set

    Further enhance the
    Uplifting & Firming

    Paired with Ultimune, Vital Perfection can achieve
    4 times faster
    in lifting your skin with a brightened look*.

    * Consumer tested with 105 women, aged 45 to 60, compared with Ultimune single use.


Our Skincare Approach

The Defend & Regenerate skincare practice generates
a beneficial cycle for your skin. The concept is based
on maximizing the effects of defending and regenerating,
so skin can achieve a quality level that has been
unattainable up until now.

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