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A hybrid makeup remover and cleanser with barrier balancing Shikuwasa Lime. More Details


Item No. 1011787410
A hybrid makeup remover and cleanser with barrier balancing Shikuwasa Lime. More Details


Size : 125mL

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The SHIKULIME Gel-to-Oil Cleanser is a hybrid makeup remover and cleanser with barrier balancing Shikuwasa Lime that removes impurities, excess sebum and makeup without drying out skin. Starting as a cushiony gel texture, the cleanser grabs onto impurities and then transforms into a silky oil, removing even waterproof makeup without stripping moisture away to reveal clear radiant skin that’s fresh and revitalized.
Key Benefits
• Unique formula transforms from gel to oil and finally to milk for divine comfort as you cleanse.
• Gently melts away accumulated dirt and tough make up for a natural dewy finish.
• Leaves skin residue free without feeling tight and drying.
  • Skin Type

    All skin types

  • Scent

    Only scented by botanical extracts

  • Period of Use

    1 month
    (per recommended amount)

  • Texture

    Transparent cushiony gel

  • Note


How to use
  • As the first step of your skincare routine, squeeze a cherrysized drop on your hand and massage over dry skin to remove make up and impurities.
    Once done, rinse off with water and gently pat face dry with a soft towel.
    Use during morning and evening skincare routine to ensure clean skin.
  • • Cap contains natural materials that may change color/texture over time. This doesn’t affect product quality. Wipe any liquid or dirt off the cap and store in a dry area.
  • • Wipe the mouth of the container and replace the cap firmly after use.
  • • Store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • • Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.
Make Your Skincare Regimen More Powerful
* Twice a week.
** In the morning, use before applying a product with SPF.
*** Use either Calmig Spot Treatment or Tinted Spot Treatment in the morning.

2-in-1 gentle but powerful oil-based gel cleanser.

Has an immediate impact on skin, leaving it looking softer and more supple than before without causing dryness*.


Efficacy Results

  • 95% said it did not dry their skin.
  • 93% said it made their skin look softer.
  • 90% said it made their skin look more supple.

* Testing conducted in France, on 101 women ages 18-34 after one application.


Shikuwasa (Japanese Lime)

Shikuwasa is Okinawa’s special citrus fruit which grows plentiful in the hot and humid climate of the island.

Shikuwasa in WASO

Through our extensive research at WASO, we’ve found that Shikuwasa can be an incredibly beneficial component of skincare and provide numerous benefits such as supporting skin barrier function and moisturizing in young skin*. Not only that, but its peel extract is high in polyphenols (flavonoids) and has been known to have positive effects on not only the skin but also the body.

* In vitro

Key Technology & Ingredients

Japanese Shikuwasa Extract

This unique extract helps with skin barrier support*. Furthermore, the Japanese Shikuwasa Extract Infused oil-based gel formula also helps preserve healthy looking skin.

Triple Clear Cleansing Technology

Each of the 3 texture stages of the cleanser helps to effortlessly remove makeup, excess sebum and impurities lodged in pores without stripping moisture to reveal healthy radiant skin.

Safflower Oil & Grape Seed Oil*

Key ingredient in helping dissolve makeup and sebum from skin’s pores while providing emollient, anti-oxidation benefits to support healthier skin without concerns.

* In vitro

WASO Ingredients


With comfort and safety in mind, this cleanser has been designed to create a unique experience that provides skin with a 3-phase texture process, going from gel to oil and finally milk.
Each textural stage helps to gently remove build up while being comfortable and suitable for face, eyes and lips, avoiding possible irritation to sensitive areas.

WASO Texture

Sustainability Story

Our Promise to Skin

We strive to make our products WASO clean, which is why we say no to unwanted ingredients. WASO is about fundamentals, focusing on maximizing the benefits of what’s proven to work and leaving out unnecessary bells and whistles.

Our Promise to Nature

Prioritizing recycling and upcycling as a target to minimize waste. For example, we use upcycled water from apple juice production to reduce our overall water consumption.

Our Promise to People

Working together with farmers to help revitalize local economies.

WASO Other

No Filter Beauty from the heart of Japan

WASO Is: No Filter Beauty from the heart of Japan.
It is honest skincare that brings locally sourced Japanese super ingredients from the farm to your face. It is the innovative power of Japanese botanicals harnessed to encourage beautifully healthy skin free from concerns. With the combined power of science and nature, WASO is able to create exciting, clean and sustainable products that work effectively to fundamentally improve skin’s condition and bring out honest natural beauty in everyone.

WASO Other

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