Second Skin

Look 5 years younger
stay carefree.

3D-Fix Technology physically corrects the eye bag
that can cause the look of aging or fatigue.
A new layer of bio-skin appears from the moment
of application and lasts throughout the day.

Get started by learning what’s best for you.

Get started by learning what’s best for you.

How the 3D-Fix Technology Works


Visible results, user-attested.

Second Skin produces non-surgical yet
noticeable results: eye bags physically
corrected in less than an hour;
and sagging reduced with every use.


confirmed immediately
after application*

Comparative effect on
under-eye area


after application**

Brighter face with less
visible eye bags


2 weeks of use*

Moisturized under-eye


*Usage recommended by beauty
professional. Results may vary

*Consumer tested on 110 women aged 50-69 in Japan
**Consumer tested on 110 women for 3-4 hours, confirmed after 28 days of use

*Consumer tested on 110 women aged 50-69 in Japan
**Consumer tested on 110 women for 3-4 hours, confirmed after 28 days of use

Here’s a closer look at the
under-eye conditions.

Under-eye Bags

Under-eye bags are oftentimes hereditary.
This long-term
puffiness, swelling or sagginess
develops over time
and is usually only
surgically removed.

Dark Circles

Under-eye dark circles have two major causes: pigmentation
and poor microcirculation. This condition may aggravate due to
stress, dehydration, lack of sleep, and eye strain from staring
at screens.

Tear Bags

Tear bags are a small, shallow pouch
that’s just below the eye but doesn’t sag.
This condition can be a sign of aging,
but it can happen at any age - even children.

Why Wait? Discover
How to Look Younger Now.

Bio-Performance Second Skin
specializes in eye bag care. Find out if it is
for you, or an alternative solution that is.



Start your Second Skin
experience with confidence.

Ease-in to the experience with the
4-Day Trial Kit that visibly minimizes
the look of under-eye bags.

  • Restorative
  • Age-Defying
  • Easy to Use
  • Rejuvenating
Trial Kit

Tips and Tutorials

Master Bio-Performance Second Skin in no time.

Second Skin Q&A

The answers to your questions about
eye bag care with Second Skin.

How much product do I need to apply?

The optimal amount varies depending on eye bag size; the wider the eye bag, the more product is required.

With the Second Skin dispenser, you can precisely control the amount of product used; every click (turning the wheel on the dispenser) pumps out an extra drop. To learn more about Second Skin application, watch the video on how to apply.

Can Second Skin be used on tear bags, dark circles, and wrinkles too?

No. Second Skin specializes in eye bag care—specifically for under-eye puffiness that is noticeably wide, extending beyond the inner corner of your eyelid and the outer half of your iris.

If you are unsure of the under-eye concern you have, learn about the differences here, and analyze your under-eye to find the best solution for you.

What causes eye bags anyway? Are there other ways to get rid of them?

Unfortunately, eye bags are oftentimes hereditary, a permanent condition that develops over time. Its severity ranges from a slight puffiness of the under-eye—apt to be mistaken for other under-eye concerns such as tear bags—to that which is noticeably wide.

Previously, the look of eye bags was generally alleviated through surgical removal; but that is no longer the only option, with Second Skin. The innovative non-surgical solution powered by 3D-Fix Technology brings visible results, in just 2 simple steps incorporated into your everyday beauty routine.

Can I apply Second Skin before makeup, or cover with more makeup once applied?

No. Second Skin is designed to be applied last, after makeup. Applying Second Skin before makeup may cause peeling; covering Second Skin may interfere with its visible results.

For the best experience, make sure that Second Skin is the final layer that you apply.