Anti-Gravity Science VRevolutionary
skin sagging research

Our latest discovery:
skin’s anti-gravity system
the “Dynamic Belt”

The earth’s gravity is a natural pulling force. Thinking skin may have a natural anti-gravity system to resist this force, SHISEIDO developed 4D Digital Skin, which reveals the changes taking place inside skin as gravity causes it to sag. It also revealed that facial arrector pili muscles grow directionally, in an arrangement that supports skin against gravity. We call this the Dynamic Belt. These muscles decline with age, causing visible skin sagging.

Interview movieThe story behind the
Dynamic Belt

The challenge: uncovering
the mechanism of skin

Dr. Ezure is a pioneer of skin sagging research. Before he began this work, targeting sagging was considered to be outside the scope of cosmetics. But Dr. Ezure knew that many people worried about the way their faces were changing shape with age, and he wanted to address this concern. His studies on skin sagging transcended the boundaries of cosmetics research at the time. Findings from his work over more than 30 years have received the top award at the International Federation of Society of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) four times in a row.

Award-winning history by IFSCC

  • 2014Anchor
  • 2016Dermal
  • 2018Dermal
    Stem Cells
  • 2020Dynamic

“Anti-Gravity Science V”, causes of skin sagging

Our journey to find the right
ingredients and massage

Our research did not end with uncovering the mechanism of skin sagging. We also searched for solutions that would maximize the improvement of sagging. We did a deep dive into how the skin cells work, and how the skin tissue is regenerated. Through repeated testing, we landed on the most effective ingredients and a massage method that complements it, to approach the causes of skin sagging.

Select botanical active ingredients

  • Licorice for the
    Dynamic Belt
    & the Anchor Structure
  • Burnet for the
    Anchor Structure
  • Rosemary for the
    Dermal Cultivation
  • Iris for the
    Dermal Cell Network

Massage to improve sagging skin

Although the arrector pili muscles cannot move on their own, we explored ways to approach these facial muscles to improve sagging. We discovered that massaging them in the right direction can visibly improve sagging skin.

*Please apply a serum or moisturizer on face when massaging

Interview movieFinding the solution to sagging

Global Innovation Center
Fellow Tomonobu Ezure, Ph.D.

Since joining the company more than 30 years ago, Fellow Ezure has continued research and development on anti-aging. He is the first ever to receive the top award at the International Federation Societies of Cosmetic Chemists (IFSCC) four times in a row. He has also received numerous awards at various domestic and international academic conferences, including the International Society of Dermatology, Japan Society of Aesthetic Dermatology, and Japan Society of Connective Tissue. In 2020, Dr. Ezure was appointed as Shiseido’s first Fellow, the highest research position established in the company’s 151 year history.

Interview movieBelieving in skin’s potential