Multi angle visualization of blood vessels

Multi angle visualization of blood vessels.
SHISEIDO’s technology is for deliver the secret of beauty.

3D visualization of capillary condition

In blood flow research, precise measurement is essential. Until now, limits in conventional beauty science have made impossible the study of blood vessels that spread out in all directions beneath the skin. Now, thanks to proprietary SHISEIDO special imaging technology, OCT, the state of the capillaries can be captured in 3D by photographing the outside of the skin with a special camera.

Then, by analyzing blood vessels multi angle we can understand the effects of lifestyle on skin and thereby determine the future state of blood vessels.

In September 2020, we succeeded in observing the capillaries of an entire face and in 3D no less, world leading. Previously, this had only been possible on individual parts of the face, one at a time. Thanks to this breakthrough, it becomes possible to accurately understand the characteristics of the blood vessels according to their individual parts regardless of age, ethnicities and gender, and to detect the partial modulations of blood vessels which are invisible if looking at the skin from the outside.

SHISEIDO’s advanced beauty is widening the approach to skin

Using these game-changing blood flow and circulation measurement technologies, we hope to extend conventional care to individual concerns, such as age spots and skin firmness. We are also developing a concept that covers comprehensive facial care, where we will be able to predict future skin conditions by observing the face’s blood vessels.

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