Moisturized, beautiful skin with good circulation comes from improving blood vessels and blood flow. Ginseng extract is a hot topic now, but what is it?


SHISEIDO's cutting-edge skin research is now moving into a new stage: to achieve and maintain the ideal moisturized, beautiful skin, care should start from the blood vessels and blood flow. So, what exactly is the ginseng extract that Lifeblood Research™ is focusing on? In addition to answering that, we will take a look at lifestyle choices that focus on improving blood flow and blood vessel health.

Good blood flow nurtures skin's beauty,
and that's exactly why it's important that blood vessels are healthy and durable

A good complexion. A healthy complexion. We often use descriptions like these when talking about beautiful skin that's looking lively and bright, but studies have shown that actually, the moments your skin feels hydrated are connected to the times that your blood flow is good. SHISEIDO's research has revealed a close relationship between blood flow and beautiful skin.

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On the other hand, so many people have troubles like these with their skin: dark, dull complexions; skin that lacks firmness and elasticity; unbalanced, unstable trouble-prone skin from seasonal changes or masks; and more. This reduced elasticity and skin smoothness is often caused by dryness. Even if the skin's surface is perfectly maintained, it can't sufficiently produce and maintain its natural moisture if capillaries and blood flow aren't working to deliver the nutrients that every inch of the skin needs on the inside. If skin isn't dry at its base level, it'll be continually moisturized. Skin like that is created and maintained through good blood vessels and blood flow.

UV rays and aging have been shown to damage blood vessel walls

The nutrients and oxygen needed to nurture healthy, beautiful skin are carried to every inch of it through the blood stream. The skin is able to produce and maintain its natural moisture through the capillaries delivering nutrition to the skin little by little during that process. Our research revealed a solution based on the well-being of blood vessel walls—a key factor in nurturing healthy skin. Dryness, UV rays, and aging—skin's famous archenemies—can actually weaken blood vessel walls and make them peel away easily. We now know that when nutrients can escape from the gaps in removed blood vessel walls, the nutrients skin needs can't reach every inch of it. To maintain skin that looks and feels healthy, moisturized, and beautiful, it's important to care for the walls of the blood vessels that carry the nutrition skin needs. That's one finding from Lifeblood Research™.

Ginseng extract has been discovered to help strengthen blood vessel walls.
What kind of plant is ginseng?

We have found ingredients that support the structure of blood vessel walls to aid in their strength and functionality.
Ginseng (also known as Asian or Panax ginseng) has been widely used as a medicinal herb since ancient times. It has other uses—including in traditional Chinese medicine, medicinal cooking, and liquor—and is known to have various effects: it's a nutritious tonic, it's beneficial for the circulatory and immune systems, etc.
Ginseng is a strong plant that can even grow in cold environments where the ground freezes, but it's also known for scarcity value as its natural habitats are extremely limited and it's difficult to cultivate. Ginseng is also known for being the world's first artificially cultivated plant, completed through a study of its seeds—which came to Japan during the Edo period—at the shogunate's physic garden.

Lifestyle choices that promote durable blood vessels and good blood flow are a method of skincare

Blood flow that tends to stagnate allows problems to easily affect your body, including chills, shoulder stiffness, a weakened immune system, and a tendency to catch colds. Many people with stagnant blood flow will also likely feel that their skin isn't doing well, as pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes are also signs of poor blood circulation.
We now know that building habits and taking care to improve blood flow and make blood vessels durable is important not only for health but also for beautiful skin. In your day-to-day life, don't stop at just showering—take the time to soak in a warm bath, too. Avoid always standing or always sitting, and be diligent about working out and stretching. Make sure you drink enough water. There are a number of things you can do right away to improve blood flow.
For durable blood vessel walls, pay attention to your eating habits, too. Good-quality protein in fresh fish and soybeans can support endothelial cell turnover in blood vessels, for example.
Just as keeping up proper day-to-day skincare to maintain the skin's moisture is important, lifestyle choices that focus on improving blood flow are another skincare routine to consider putting into practice to make your skin hydrated and moist from the inside.

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