Double Inner Defense Promotes Blood Flow and Boosts Immunity

People all over the world would like to have skin that has the kind of clear and glossy complexion that comes after bathing. That truly is the ideal skin condition. The pursuit of this ideal led to Double Inner Defense. Here, the secrets behind Fermented Hibiscus Extract, which is one of the key components, will be revealed.

Double Inner Defense centers around blood flow

What’s behind the loss of the ideal skin that has clarity, luster and elasticity?
One of the reasons for the good condition of the skin after bathing and after a great night’s sleep is that high-quality blood flow carries oxygen, nutrients and other beauty components that are needed for beautiful skin to every corner of the face, which gives a boost to the foundations of the skin from the inside. Aging, dryness, stress, UV rays and other external factors cause blood flow to stagnate and immunity to decline, which takes us further and further away from the ideal skin condition. That’s why SHISEIDO Lifeblood Research™ has been researching methods to constantly promote blood flow. This research has led to Double Inner Defense.

Two key components essential to Double Inner Defense

When the skin’s immune functions receive a boost, the ideal skin conditions can be maintained. The key to this is Double Inner Defense. The key outcome resulting from many years of research into the ideal skin condition is the technology called Double Inner Defense comprising two defense mechanisms that promote constant blood flow. Playing an important role in this is Fermented Hibiscus Extract, which activates immune cells called NK cells, and Houttuynia Cordata Extract, which strengthens the capillaries and delivers immune cells all over the skin.

Here, we will introduce Fermented Hibiscus Extract, which is one of the components that plays an important role in Double Inner Defense.

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Skin immunity and the operation of NK cells

Our bodies are equipped with a structure known as the immune system that protects us from bacteria and viruses and maintains healthy skin. The cells that take the lead in this work are NK cells, also known as natural killer cells. While NK cells are present in the skin, they are also transported by the blood to patrol every part of the body and to remove foreign contaminants and senescent cells (senescent fibroblast cells secrete elements that promote aging).
Senescent cells are removed by NK cells, yet our skin continues to lose glossiness and elasticity as we age. The mechanisms of aging have remained unexplained for many years.

SHISEIDO has now clarified the mechanisms that weaken NK cell activity. Collaborative research with CBRC (Cutaneous Biology Research Center), a globally-renowned research institute in the field of dermatology, revealed that, instead of dying, senescent cells grow in number in aging skin, provoking a “zombification” that negatively affects the surrounding area. The study also confirmed that NK cell activity declines with age, making them less capable of eliminating senescent cells. Based on these findings, SHISEIDO has struck upon the idea of maintaining the ideal skin condition by increasing the activity of NK cells as we age in order to prevent the “zombification” of senescent cells.

Fermented Hibiscus Extract that activates NK cells was a favorite of Cleopatra

The key to activating NK cells even as we get older is the Roselle flower, which is a type of Hibiscus. Used since ancient times in herbal teas, and consumed as a beauty supplement by Cleopatra, the Roselle is a sustainable plant that can be used in full, including the fibrous materials from the stem, and oil from the seeds.

SHISEIDO discovered that extract from this flower’s sepal (a modified leaf on the underside of a petal) and lactic acid bacteria have the effect of strengthening immune functions, and that Fermented Hibiscus Extract has the effect of activating NK cells.

Clear and glossy skin
with Double Inner Defense

Double Inner Defense activates immune cells called NK cells and enlarges and extends capillaries, so immune cells are delivered all over the skin.
Houttuynia Cordata Extract and Fermented Hibiscus Extract boost immunity by activating two defensive mechanisms for beautiful skin so that we can maintain glossy skin that is full of life. Lifeblood Research™ will keep on moving forward towards a future where the ideal skin can be maintained indefinitely.

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